A better experience for Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling

A modern and intuitive design makes it super easy to create Parent Teacher Conference or any other type of sign-up events for your school.

Simple to use

Our simple design makes it easy for teachers to create and manage parent teacher conference schedules, and for parents to sign-up for timeslots.

Sign-up online for parent-teacher conference
Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling List

Convenient Features

Teachers and parents can view or print their detailed schedule for the conference or sign-up event.  Mobile-friendly design allows users to access the system on-the-go.  Email reminders are automatically sent to remind parents about their upcoming parent teacher conference timeslot.

Create any type of sign-up event

Our sign-up list generator is flexible enough to handle any type of sign-up event for your school.  Throwing a class party?  Need volunteers to sign-up?  You can create recurring sign-up events, block specific timeslots or days, send trackable emails to invitees or just those who’ve signed up.

School Directory Integration

Sign-up events are integrated with our free school directory, which makes it easy to invite any combination of classes, grades, groups, or the whole school!  There is no need to individually manage lists of invitees’ emails — it’s all pulled from the school directory.  Besides being free, our school directory has some really great features like a map view to help find car pooling and playdate opportunities with other nearby families and more!