A Simple Parent Portal

No more jumping around. One place for everything. At your fingertips.


A simple dashboard to view upcoming events, announcements, blog postings, birthdays, and photos all in one place.  Its simple and enjoyable to use for parents, teachers, ptas, school groups, and administrators.


See only what you want to see.  You can tag and filter views to see only the classrooms or groups you are interested in.  Set preferences once and you’re done.

One login.

No more –

  • Jumping between systems.
  • Remembering multiple passwords.
  • Logging in and out of different places.

Only one password required and you can use your social media login if you prefer.

mobile friendly dashboard

Up-to-date with School Events

A shared calendar to keep up with school and classroom events, assignment due dates, and more.  Customizable views lets you see only classes and groups you want to track.  Prefer to see it on your own calendar? Easily export a personalized calendar feed so you can integrate it with your own Google, iCal, Yahoo, Microsoft, or other calendar.

Better Communications

Send email easily and know how many people opened it.
Compose beautiful emails and dashboard announcements addressed to specific classes, grades, special groups or the whole school.

How Was School Today?

Stay up to date

Parents can read the latest classroom updates from the blog and see photos of classroom activities. They can also customize their feed on their favorite RSS reader with  a personalized RSS feed.