School Directory

Sign Ups

& Communications


Parent Portal

Free School Directory

  • Parent, Staff, Student, Class, and Group Directories.
  • Easy sorting and type-ahead search to find information quickly.
  • Allergy information and emergency contacts available to staff.
  • Social features include a map view and professional info for parents with LinkedIn profile integration.

 Sign Up Lists

  • Sign up for items needed
  • Notify parents of assignments

Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Flexible enough to be used in other time slot sign ups
  • Easy scheduling for Parents and Teachers

Volunteer Sign Up

  • Sign up to help out
  • Easy scheduling for Parents and Teachers

 Attendance Tracking

  • Easy interface makes it fast and simple for teachers to track attendance.
  • Parents can see their child’s attendance record online.
  • Staff reports by class or grade.


  • Blog at the classroom, school group, or school-wide level
  • Flexible security options allow for designated “room parents” to also post updates
  • Parents can stay up-to-date using their favorite RSS reader

 Photo Gallery

  • Galleries assigned to a specific classroom or special groups.
  • Photo tagging to makes it easy to find photos of a particular child.

 Homework Assignments

  • Teachers can post homework assignments and due dates that appear on the class calendar
  • Parents can post questions about assignments that teachers can answer for all parents.

 Personalized Calendar

  • Share the school calendar – events, closures, assignment due dates.
  • Customizable views include only the classes or groups you want to track.
  • Add it easily to your Google, Apple, Yahoo, or Outlook calendar.


 Convenience Features

  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Personalized RSS feeds for blogs
  • Personalized calendar syncing with your existing calendar
  • Login with existing social media account
  • More hidden gems!

 Upcoming Features

  • Document repository Integration (est. 2016-Q1)
  • SMS text messaging capabilities** (est. 2016-Q2)
  • And a few TOP SECRET features that we are excited about!

** SMS text messaging will be BYOA (Bring Your Own Account)